World Arthritis Day OCTOBER 12, 2011

The Arthritis Foundation is joining a global effort on October 12, World Arthritis Day, to increase awareness of the many forms of arthritis.  Policy makers on Capitol Hill will be reminded that “Arthritis is Unacceptable.” World Arthritis Day is part of a global initiative by the United Nations-endorsed Bone and Joint Decade. Arthritis is not an ‘old person’s disease.” There are 100 plus different forms of the illness and for some of us, depending on where you are in the world because lack of access to medications, it can mean chronic pain, debilitation, fatigue, depression and a loss of hope. It is my dream that the world will grow to understand the many forms of this disease better and that there will someday be a cure. I dedicate this post to my friend, my role model and a leader by example
Jeffrey Gottfurcht. The first man in the world to climb Mount Everest with RA. Wear blue today to show your support for World Arthritis Day.