I received this email yesterday. While I would never disclose personal information I do want to share the feeling of how great it is when you make a difference in someone’s else’s life and months down the track they contact you to show their gratitude. People never forget how make them feel. Here is part of the mail….

“Hello- I hope that this finds you well. I emailed you a while back. Your response helped me through a tough spot. Your book, your struggle and your strength, are attempting to get me through another. After reading your book I wanted to say thank you for even responding to my email. I keep it still, and on days like today when I’m struggling to walk I read it.  Thanks for sharing your struggles and supporting others , like my self. I hope you are well.  You are truly an amazing person. Just wanted to say thanks.
I responded with a personal reply. This email meant so much to me. :)