A few nights ago I was on Lincoln Rd in South Beach FL taking in the sites and enjoying the vacation feeling. I watched a family as they walked by me. Mom was carrying an overtired babe in her arms, the other child was in the stroller and dad was hanging onto a half eaten pizza in a ‘doggy bag.’ Despite their own struggle and need to get home quickly before one the kids had a meltdown, mom noticed a homeless man as he passed them on the street. A quick converstation followed between husband and wife. A moment later, dad ran after the homeless guy to give him the pizza. It was a half a block before he caught him, as mom hung back and held the fort down. Observing this human spirit as I sat quietly alone with my dog by my side made me cry.  Always have hope!

(KAAS) Karen and Arthritis Support tonight June 22

Hi Everyone,
I look forward to sharing an evening with you tonight at Cibo restaurant – 2nd Ave between East 42nd and East 41 St in Manhattan at 6.45 p.m. It’s time to relax and cheer the summer in.
We’ll share some stories and offer support.
I hope to see you there,

KAAS – Next support meeting June 22 NYC

Hi Friends,
I would love to see you at our ‘meet up.’ If you feel you need, to chat or just have some fun please join me on June 22 at 6.45.
Place in midtown New York TBA.
Thanks to all my friends who walked with me to find a cure.
K x

Jeff Made It!

Jeffrey Gottfurcht is now the first man to climb Mount Everest with rheumatoid arthritis. What an unbelievable accomplishment!
You have taught us all to ‘hold on to our dreams.’ There are so many children who will carry this lesson with them forever. Thank you Jeff!

Tune in to my radio interview May 11

Hi Karen and Cindy,
Just wanted to let you know that your radio interview, Karen, will be broadcast
next Wednesday, May 11, in observance of National Arthritis Awareness Month.
Cindy is Alabama’s Advocacy Chair for the Arthritis Foundation and is the recipient
of a national volunteer award from the foundation.

Karen, if you would like to listen to your program live via streaming on your computer,
go to, then to Information Quick Links and to Public Radio. You’ll see a
button about Listen Online now, so click on HD 1 to get the broadcast. Your program
will be carried at 1:10 p.m. Eastern time May 11.

Thank you so much for doing the second interview with us!!!


One Woman’s Search for the Right Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment |

One Woman’s Search for the Right Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment |

Arthritis Walk NY May 15, 2011

Dear Friends,
I want to thank you all for the support and love you continue to show me in many aspects of my life. I have so much to be grateful for.

Most of you know that the charity I volunteer for in New York is the Arthritis Foundation. My illness continues to cause chronic fatigue and disables me at times. The biologic medication that I inject every 2 weeks is becoming less effective because my body is beginning to build up an immunity to it. 300,000 kids have juvenile arthritis in the US and I receive daily emails from readers of my book who are not coping with the pain, or the psychological aspects of the disease. We need to find a cure.

I have decided to participate in the Arthritis Walk again. When you donate, or walk you’re helping to find a cure. Some of my students (past and present) will be walking with me in 2011, including Joseph Lebowitz who has raised more than $5000 over the years. In my school community, we now have 2 young children who suffer from Juvenile Arthritis. There is nothing sadder than seeing kids in pain. My hope is that you will support me in 2011 either by walking or donating. I can’t do this on my own.
In 2008 we raised $4,225.
In 2009 we raised $4,735.
I’d love to get to $5000 in 2011.

With sincere and heartfelt thanks,
Karen Ager

Copy and paste the link to donate or join my team
It takes less than 5 minutes.

Scroll down and click on team name with Nicole

Australia’s version of The View is The Circle

I am proud to say I will be on Australia’s version of The View tomorrow. It is a national talk show in Australia called The Circle.
Little by little we can change the perception of arthritis. They have been amazing about my book.
Karen x

Karen And Arthritis Support (KAAS) group

Hi Everyone,
I have had a few emails from people in need of a place to share stories and information. I wasn’t planning a meeting until April but there was a need this month. So my response is to plan an informal snack and chat at:

Sinigual Restaurant Midtown
150 East 42 nd Street
Located on the NW corner of 41st & 3 rd

See you at 6.45 p.m. :)


Information on RA

Dear Rick,
Hi. Thanks for contacting me. I just want to say first of all that doctors  still do not know the exact cause of RA. So please do not blame yourself. I am sorry to hear about your daughter Courtney. The pain that both you and Courtney feel is immense and it’s both physical and emotional. My mom suffered just as much as me.
I would suggest you contact the arthritis office in Arizona or the national office fir advice on Doctors. I will add though that my doctor doesn’t take my health insurance either, but my medications are covered and I get blood work done elsewhere. The key is to
treat RA aggressively before joints are damaged. This can mean
biologics. I inject every two weeks. Everyone’s reaction is different
I think diet does play a small part. Bread for me is not a good idea.
With your  permission, I’d like to put you in touch with a man called Brian. He has a daughter with RA too. I sense that you could be a big support to each other.  
I hope I’ve been able to help you. My book, Enemy Within is available in Amazon and is about my journey with RA. It is raw and honest. I do talk about natural remedies but I feel they actually made me worse not better. 
Anyway I hope I’ve been of some help.
Sent from my iPhone

On Mar 1, 2011, at 1:08 PM, ……. ” wrote:

Hello Karen, My name is Rick and I live in a small town in Arizona called Williams. It is located about 65 miles south of the Grand Canyon National Park. Any way I was reading your story in arthritis today magazine. I was in a clinic getting a physical. My daughter Courtney suffers with RA. I must have evidently passed this terrible disease to her at birth, in 1976. My Mother, God rest her soul battled this condition her whole life. It disfigured her tiny hands terribly. And I fear that will be the same fate for Courtney. What I am writing you about is, if you might know of some good doctors in the Phoenix, Az. area. Or how we would find one. There is a Dr. Epstein in Flagstaff, Az. but he will not accept my daughters insurance, even though her carrier would pay it. He evidently will not work with her insurance carrier, but is more than willing to see her “out of pocket” and then it’s up to Courtney to submit the paperwork and bills. This could be very expensive I fear. Unless he is willing to review her records and blood work from her previous study group she signed on with. But I doubt it because most Dr.’s probably want their own lab work. This is VERY frustrating. Courtney had been apart of a study that has been treating her the past year with shots. She was told that some would  get the real thing and some would get a placebo shot. Well…….I for one do not think that even if she is getting the real thing, that this medicine is working. I have no idea what the shots contain. Is there a book on diet you could recommend, or is that necessary? Courtney tries to eat healthy, and is currently drinking “Just Tart Cherry” by “R.W. Knudson” “Organic” which very much seems to be helping with the stiffness in her knees, and other area’s of concern. Is you book about treatments  or things you have tried?  Does diet have a lot to do with RA?  I also remember  you mentioning bio-medicines you’ve had success with.Well ………….. I appreciate very much your time today, and wish you the best in life, and pray for your healing. Hopefully one day medicine will be discovered to help all the people that suffer with this terrible condition. Once again, thanks for listening to me………

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