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How Could I Have Forgotten to Blog About…..

…..being on the first cover of 2011 for Arthritis Today. And …. to top off a great couple of months I just received the March / April issue of AT and Phil Mickelson is on the cover. To be followed by Phil is awesome! My brother is a big fan and so am I.

Arthritis Advocacy Summit Washington DC 2011

Thanks to Dr. John Klippel, President & CEO of the Arthritis Foundation, and Kathy Lubbers, my new friend and advocate, I was invited to speak to the national AF Board in DC. To be the voice of the millions of people who suffer from arthritis around the world was truly an honor. I spoke about [...]

Mom’s Letter to Oprah ….Every caretaker should read this

For awhile my daughter Karen and I did not know what her life’s purpose was. At 17, Karen was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She has battled this disease for 30 years. There were times when she blamed it on me and she was angry. There were times when she made me cry. There were times [...]

Karen and Arthritis Support Group meeting

Hi Friends, Our next get together will be Wednesday February 9 at 6.45 p.m. I know it’s cold but let’s try to reconnect. Venue – Cibo restaurant 2nd Ave @ the corner of East 41 St NY. I welcome anyone who is dealing with chronic illness or pain, or readers of my book. All welcome. [...]

My Readers Inspire Me

And this is why I wrote my book ……My readers inspire me. Dear Miss Ager, You likely don’t remember me, I was a student at St. Lukes from 1990-1996. A friend of mine told me that you had written a book and that I should read it and I can say that your book has [...]

Enemy Within by Karen Ager earns 5 Star Reviews

“As inspirational stories go, this is up there with the best.” Martin Stevenson of the Launceston Examiner – November 13, 2010 For more 5 star reviews copy and paste

Enemy Within – My Readers’ Fears and Hopes

I have received many emails lately from fans of my book Enemy Within. Some too personal to share, some full of fears and others full of pain. Hope is always the last thing to go, so please hang in there. Our disease maybe incurable, but having hope will help you navigate the lonely times and [...]

Karen and Arthritis Support Group meeting / Balancing

Our next meeting will be Wednesday November 10 @ 6.45 p.m. We will meet at Cibo restaurant on 2nd Ave @ 41st. I know some of my members ( now friends) have been unwell. I write this blog flaring myself. Why this week I thought? Well, my answer came swiftly. Stress and being over tired [...]

To All Those I Have Inspired – Thank You

So many have contacted me to say my book has inspired them. Thank you so much. My favorite quote so far “It’s not a book about disease, it’s about HOPE.” Keep them coming. I am glad I am making a difference. It means the world to me. Now Willie needs a walk To my dad [...]

Enemy Within by Karen Ager / Actemra/ Support Group / Dr. Maggie Smith

Australian media, especially ABC radio, have embraced my book. I have done multiple interviews with them, both in studio and ‘phoners’ all over the country. Special thanks to the very talented Margaret Throsby for her in depth one hour interview about my book Enemy Within and to Singo for helping me to get on to [...]

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